Low cost security features for your printed documents 

There a number of low cost security features that your designer in consultation with your printer can incorporate into your documents which will provide protection whilst still ensuring that your branding and integrity is maintained. These include: Invisible UV features, Security Designs, Reactive Inks,  Security Numbering and more.

Security Features Available

  • Paper Stocks
    A range of paper and card stocks can be used that offer a number of added security features that greatly reduce the chances of fraudulent copies being made.
  • Copy Void
    A unique pantograph is printed on the paper that if photocopied, the word 'void' or 'copy' appears on the copy
  • UV fluorescing Inks
    The ink may only be seen under a UV lamp and is not visible under normal light.
  • Fugitive & Solvent Sensitive Inks
    The ink reacts to organic solvents, providing a visual alert that tampering may have occurred.
  • Thermochromic Inks
    Inks that change colour when heat is applied.
  • Artificial Watermark
    A printed watermark that cannot be duplicated by scanners or copiers.
  • Fine Line Security Pattern
    Used in the background of a cheque in a subtle ink colour.
  • Custom Micro Printing
    Miniature type that can only be read when magnified and cannot be duplicated by a copier.
  • Warning Bands
    To state to the person viewing the document that the cheque is protected, thus curbing possible forgery attempts before they start.
  • Vignettes
    Creates a fading effect of dark to light. Used with subtle colours and extremely difficult to scan.
  • Laminate
    Adds an additional layer on top of the printed stock that is hard to replicate without sophisticated machinery.
  • Foil Stamping
  • Cannot be accurately duplicated when colour photocopied silver foil will reproduce as a grey/black whilst gold foil will deliver a yellow/green result. To minimise production costs ensure that the designer has consulted with the printer to ensure that the minimum amount of foil will be used. Save money save the environment