'The spend category of Marketing is somewhat different from other indirect categories. Traditionally, marketers spare no expense to achieve high quality, superior service and consistency. After all, their activities are ideally 'revenue-generating', thus cost is not always top of mind. This is where procurement expertise, together with marketing, can develop strategies to improve control, visibility, and even performance of the marketing spend. This research explores marketing spend and uncovers various challenges and strategies that best-in-class enterprises utilised to achieve superior performance' Aberdeen Group May 2007    


Magic & Logic research


We read often of the conflicts between Marketing and Procurement, between Procurement and Agencies, and between agencies and their marketing clients. It is counter-productive and will become increasingly so as we face the challenges and opportunities of the new digital age.

CIPS, the IPA and ISBA believe they have a responsibility to their memberships to take steps to unify these three key groups of practitioners around a common understanding and mutual respect, and to find shared objectives, shared beliefs, and shared methods. That's why they have created the Value Framework Initiative.